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Our Strengths

Our Strengths

According to Residents:​

  • Residents work as a team and are always available to help out each other when needed.  It's like a small family.

  • Affiliation with Michigan State University allows us to access resources that come with it, namely the library and literature.

  • Diverse group of attendings that expands your perspective on how to approach management of patient.  Diverse group of residents, therefore, there is always someone available to relate to, speak to, and learn from.

  • Strong and structured curriculum.

  • Our staff service is very unique and allows chief residents to have more autonomy and allows them to practice clinical judgment and decision making independently.

According to Faculty:​

  • Exposure to both bread and butter general surgery cases as well as complex cases.

  • Excellent track record for placing graduates into competitive fellowships.

  • Strong board pass rate.

  • Diverse ratio of specialties and providers, including women surgeons.

  • Mentoring program.

  • High operative volume.

  • Residents teaching medical students.

  • Far better research facilities and capability than any other community based training programs and as good as most university programs. 

Graduates and Fellowships
122 graduates since 1981

Private Practice
Vascular and Cardiothoracic Surgery Fellowship
Henry Ford Hospital
Brigham and Woman's Hospital
 Baylor College of Medicine/Texas Heart Institute
Surgery Critical Care Fellowship
Wayne State University
University of Indiana
Complex General Surgery Oncology Fellowship
Jackson Memorial Hospital
Colorectal Surgery Fellowship
Burn Surgery Fellowship
University of South California
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